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It is my passion and my pleasure to share with you the essence of deep insights from my lineage of teachers, the knowledge acquired from my perpetual quests and studies as well as seeds of wisdom based upon the divine play of daily life.

My lessons are nourished by this fusion of fresh insights combined with ancient techniques and practices of the tradition of Yoga.

As an involved student you can set foundations and:

°  experience aligning your physical body with more ease, accuracy and awareness.

° discover the beauty and very essence of each breath, radiate and increase stamina and resilience in your energetic body.

°  be guided to use efficient tools to balance and calm your thoughts and emotions and turn them into comfort, appeasement and tranquility.

°  learn to create space and depth within to enhance perception and rely on your own sacred wisdom.

° become motivated to plant seeds and blissfully cultivate 'the wish to grow' in any aspects of your life.

What if you allow yourself to:

°  connect to your roots and start to trust your instincts?

°  awaken your dormant potential and let yourself be touched and embraced by life?

°  ignite your inner fire and sense how your vital energy becomes reinforced?

° 'unloosen the ties that bind the heart'* and seek for joy and peace within?

°  express your creativity, discern the significance of language and communicate your truthfulness?

° become conscious of your intuition and open up to new perspectives and visions?

°  be inspired by each moment and blessed by the abundance of life?

Dive deep into this vast ocean of awareness - be curious, wonder, discover and recognize your own true nature!

At present philosophical studies of Tantrism and Kashmir Shaivism as well as persevering and joyful immersion into Consciousness from dawn to dusk, in Dream State, Deep Sleep and beyond.

Further studies and daily inquiries into various fields (thrive factors, bio-hacking, science, techniques and tools which origin in ancient wisdom) with a purpose and view on how to get you engaged into your physical, cognitive, emotional as well as spiritual health and well being.

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